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Remember when retirement was the last thing on your mind?

The Hanson McClain Retirement Network is a nationwide network of independent financial advisors specializing in retirement planning for employees of telecommunications companies.  Advisors affiliated with the HMRN have helped thousands of telecommunications employees plan their financial future.  They understand how you are personally affected by changes in company pension and savings plans.

Financial advisors affiliated with the HMRN are experts in your company's pension and savings plans.  They live and work in your community.  They conduct educational workshops and provide individual IPROs (Independent Personal Retirement Overviews).

The HMRN is not endorsed by or affiliated with any specific telecommunications company or labor union.  You'll be provided with conflict-free, independent financial advice.

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Why Should I Choose Retirement Resources of Louisiana, Inc.?

We specialize in retirement services.  We provide ongoing educational workshops designed to help our clients and future clients understand how they will be affected by any changes in company pension and savings plans.  We offer informative workshops, retirement counseling, and pension benefit estimates.

We create financial plans tailored to each individual.  Before we recommend a financial plan, we first listen to our client.  We get to know you, your hopes, fears and dreams for the future.  We provide an exclusive retirement planning tool called the Independent Personal Retirement Overview (IPRO), which effectively points the way toward creating a plan that meets your retirement goals.

We provide realistic and easy-to-understand financial planning.  We keep abreast of financial trends for your, and present financial concepts in terms that are simple and understandable.  We set realistic goals for you and your situation, and design an investment plan that matches who you are.

We respond to your needs.  We want you to feel comfortable with the decisions we make and that also means being available to discuss them.  We strive to ensure that you speak to a live person and that we respond quickly to your questions.

What Can Retirement Resources of Louisiana, Inc. do for me?

Keep Current with market changes.  The ever-changing financial world can be a difficult environment for an individual to keep up with.  Our financial advisors work hard to monitor the financial markets and stay abreast of current tax laws and risk management techniques.

Provide advisors you can trust.  Our advisors will listen to you and work within your unique financial situation to design a plan that you feel comfortable with.  We offer a variety of financial planning and retirement services: Retirement Feasibility Reports*Investment Management*Financial Plans*Retirement Projections*IPRO*Risk Analysis and Management.

Formulate a dynamic plan.  Effective financial plans begin with a comprehensive outlook.  When you work with us, you are partnering with a company that you can trust with your assets and your future.  All our advisors are skilled professionals with in-depth knowledge of your company pension and savings plans.

How Will Retirement Resources of Louisiana, Inc. Endeavor To Exceed My Expectations...

...with a nationwide network of experts.  Retirement Resources of Louisiana, Inc. is a member of the Hanson McClain Retirement Network.  This means we have access to the knowledge and experience of financial planning offices nationwide, including a dedicated pension research manager with over 32 years of industry insight.

...with straightforward planning and advice.  Trust is earned.  We take good care of our clients and that means being honest with them.  To make the best decisions for your future, we believe you must be fully informed.  Our financial advice always will be what we believe you need to hear, rather than what you want to hear.

...with regularly scheduled communication.  From the beginning of our relationship, we're available to talk with you as frequently as you'd like.  We listen to you through regularly scheduled meetings.  And we communicate on an ongoing basis through account statements, quarterly newsletters and other informative publications.

Setting The Standard In Financial Planning

Many financial planning firms actually have two businesses: recommending investment products to their clients and selling the firm's inventory of investments.

At Retirement Resources of Louisiana, Inc., we have just one business: acting in our client's best interests.  We have no inventory to sell, so there is no conflict of interest between a product line and our client's needs.  Our experience, commitment, and attention to service are the foundations of our business.  We strive to provide every client and future client with the finest quality service available in the financial industry.

Numerous retirees and future retirees have chosen Retirement Resources of Louisiana to assist them in determining and working toward their financial goals.  Once you experience what we offer, we're sure you'll choose our company to help you begin to realize your financial dreams and goals.