Our Investment Philosophy

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Investment success is usually determined through an unwavering commitment to

a set of clearly defined investment principles.  Collectively, the principles that define Retirement Resources

of Louisiana, Inc.’s investment philosophy are:




  • Establishing trust between the client and the advisor is of utmost importance.


  • Focusing on goals and developing long term plans.


  • Since asset preservation is often a primary goal, decreasing risk is equally as significant to increasing returns.


  • One of the most effective strategies to manage risks is by diversifying a portfolio through asset allocation.


  • Market timing is difficult and generally ineffective. Long-term investors should remain fully invested unless it is clearly imprudent to do so.


  • A client should always invest in something he or she understands. At Retirement Resources of Louisiana, Inc., we take the time to educate our clients before making our recommendations.


  • Independence and Objectivity is why our clients undeniably come first. Representing hundreds of companies allows us to choose from the most competitive investment solutions available today.